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Chocolate mousse with pumpkin and fleur de sel

Chocolate mousse with pumpkin and fleur de sel

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One last breath of baked pumpkin left and I took the opportunity to turn it into a dessert of great days. Prepared with care and dedication as I am used to with any dessert that contains at least one spice from my collection, I obtained a consistent and fine delicacy of dark chocolate and creamy watermelon.
Above the dessert I sprinkled a salt that I bought from Slovenia, from the city of Maribor, a city that this year is the European Capital of Culture. Maribor is a quiet, pleasant, relaxing city, so clean and with huge hills with vineyards spread over hundreds of hectares, with friendly and lively people. It is known for the oldest wine in the world for which it entered the Book of Records in 2004. The wine is harvested in a festive setting every year, on which occasion the Queen of Wine is chosen who must have extensive knowledge of the wine variety. raised in her city and promote it both locally and worldwide.
The salt I bought in a chic store, which inspires quality and health, is used in salads, carpaccio, fish dishes and other recipes in which salt is put only at the end to highlight its qualities and flavor. Piranska salt is selected from a nature reserve in Slovenia, the Piran Gulf in the Adriatic Sea. The salt selection procedure is done in a special environment, when the wind does not blow, because at the slightest breeze, the salt can be disturbed by waves. It contains many trace elements and minerals that grow in a natural environment, called petola - a biosediment located at the bottom of salt crystallization ponds, beneficial to the body. The mineral concentration of Piranska salt is richer than that of refined salt and is suitable for all types of natural preparations.

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