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Weekly Recipe Review: Fried Chicken, Kid-Friendly Chocolate Apricot Balls and More...

Weekly Recipe Review: Fried Chicken, Kid-Friendly Chocolate Apricot Balls and More...

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A weekly roundup of the best food section recipes around the world.

Check out our Editors' picks for this week's top food section recipes.

The Boston Globe: Start with a recipe for mini-meatball subs, and then turn leftovers into a hearty Swiss chard and meatball soup for a quick weeknight dinner.

The Los Angeles Times: Kid-friendly Chocolate Apricot Balls covered with creamy coconut flakes are as fun to eat as they are to make

The New York Times: A fried chicken recipe inspired by Blue Ribbon Bakery that is dipped in matzo and egg whites before being cooked to crispy, tender perfection.

The San Francisco Chronicle: With 15 great breakfast recipes like steel-cuts oats with sweet blueberry-cinnamon compote and a quinoa and fruit parfait, you’ll energized and healthy all day long.

The Washington Post: A healthy pasta dish that takes less than 30 minutes but doesn’t skip out on flavor.

The Oregonian: A perfected biscuit recipe that’s light, fluffy and creamy.

The Times-Picayune: A simple, slow-cooker recipe for shredded beef that requires minimal effort but gives maximum results.

The Chicago Tribune: Replace your go-to spinach recipe with this buttery, Swiss chard stir-fry.

The Guardian UK: Learn how to make the perfect marmalade with step-by-step photos and instructions. This recipe calls for Seville oranges to give this tasty spread its gorgeous orange hue.

The Portland Press Herald: A chicken soup recipe that is sure to bring you back to life when you’re feeling sick with the flu.

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